Sana’s Story

sana's story

Product Marketing Pioneer
People-Technology Connector

I love technology

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Sana Ahmed

Product Marketing Expert
My career in a nutshell: I’m super passionate about being a ‘people-technology connector’!

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2006 - Present

My Passion for Technology

It started in college when my laptop said, “Academic Computing: Empowering Possibilities.” I started learning about every educational and business use case I could on my laptop.

Being and English major was a huge plus. It gave me the experience early on to craft masterful, effective stories for target audiences.

2006 - 2011

Lifelong Learning with Teachers

Education taught me the insights of marketing education – all the discipline you need to master, train yourself and others on products at hand.
2007 - Present

Solving Business Problems with Social Technology

My Product Marketing foundation began to unfold  – how do you communicate to people on what technology they need?

Technology began booming and there was a new smartphone or app every time you blinked!

Only the technology curious could get ahead and the mass was left out.

I saw a connection to business drivers early on with social media, tablets, PCs and smartphones.

How do you get ROI from the technology you’re spending so much money on?

2008 - 2012

Enthusiast Turned Consultant

I used my free time to validate what I knew about relevant technology, test, share and gather feedback from friends and family.

I even consulted CEOs and business owners on how to use social and mobile technologies for their businesses. It turned into a product marketing career early on.

2011 - Present

SaaS Technology Product Marketer

New York’s Silicon Valley caught up to the West Coast Product development. As a result, there were plenty of opportunities to work for SaaS products.

I saw the power of scaling with SaaS products and the software licensing model. So I’ve been working on bringing top Social products to market ever since! 

My Product Marketing Stack

I have a unique Product Marketing perspective which includes SaaS technology for managed, strategic and self-services blended in with Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing Cloud and Advertising Technologies.

The rare trifecta allows me to bring products to market from a strategic and integrated cross-channel and cross-device approach.

The Rare Trifecta of SaaS, MarComms, Marketing Cloud of Modern Marketing

Dozens of companies reach out to me every week because of my unique blend of Product Marketing. I have both the technical appetite to stand alongside Product team members and have empathy for the customers I’m launching products for.

My experience ranges from go-to-market product launches with:

My experience ranges from go-to-market product launches with:

  • Flavors of product adoption from a marketing education standpoint
  • Building out social at scale global products for the top enterprise social platform with over 20+ social channels.
  • Strategizing product roadmaps B2B enterprise clients for their cross-channel and cross-device needs.
  • Building an awareness for marketing products within highly regulated industries.
  • Placing Product Marketing Fits into robust go-to-market campaigns for modern marketing including integrated marketing, digital marketing and long-term customer success and product adoption.




PayPal, Product Marketing

Brought Product Marketing Research, Strategy and Go-to-Market Product Launch skills to a matrixed organization to PayPal’s shopping products which yielded over $100B Total Processing Volume per quarter.

Partnered with Product Management to create and execute research strategies to drive the Product Roadmap by leveraging competitive analysis, customer feedback loop, emotional journey maps, UI/UX evaluations, A/B testing, quantitative and qualitative data on desktop, mobile and app efforts.

Led the effort on the PayPal Shopping Getting Started Hub to create end-to-end consumer experience from top to bottom of the sales funnel and increased monthly sign-ups by 15M-30M.


Sterling Talent Solutions, Product Marketing

Product launched first in market screening and onboarding platform that generated $100M per quarter in revenues.

• Created an end-to-end go-to-market solution that included competitive analysis, release notes, webinar, training, positioning, use cases, case studies and beta programs. Developed ROI-driven cross-channel marketing campaigns for quarterly product launches.
• Evangelized go-to-market strategy and common product, marketing and sales goals across global departments. Shared with over 3,000 members internally and over 10,000 customers across the US that helped drive $50M in upsell campaigns.

Kept sales goals on target to yield $500M in annual sales.

Sales Enablement Collateral

CEO and CMO Awards

  • Received direct awards from CEO and CMO for innovative go-to-market strategies.

Product Marketing Video

  • Created platform product marketing video that drove million dollar pitches for the company


IgnitionONE, Product Marketing

Stepped into the marketing cloud work and product marketed digital marketing stack including DMP, display, search, social, email, website personalization and score-powered algorithm applications across cross-device and cross-channels.

Planned and executed global go-to-market strategies for 10 product lines. Worked with C-Suite, Business Development, Solutions Consultants, Sales, Product, Marketing to create product marketing roadmap of what’s coming down the pipeline to take to market. Created messaging and positioning for each product line including the brand new IgnitionONE platform.

Captured positioning in the marketplace boosting 30% in sales while retaining multi-million-dollar contracts.

For examples, check out the product sheets in my Linkedin profile here.

Strategized messaging and positioning for sales enablement collateral including:


Kinetic Social, Product Marketing

Productized Managed, Strategic Advisory and Self-Service for company yielding in $30MM in annual revenues

  • Created competitive analysis, research, product sheets, sales decks.
  • Trained interns on Product Marketing processes and increased efficiency of team by 30%.

• Productized Managed, Strategic Advisory and Self-Service for company yielding in $30MM in annual revenues.


Sprinklr, Product Marketing

• Single-handedly developed product marketing processes for the company including release communications, QA, product marketing.
• Strategized go-to-market efforts that yielded over $300 QoQ increases.

• Product managed 15 modules of software including engagement, listening, reporting and social ads.
• Managed all aspects of product release including client requirements, research and development, QA, release management, sales enablement collateral, product training and G-T-M strategies with pricing, market intelligence, and product launches.
• Managed and led go-to-market processes for Sprinklr’s 15+ modules within the social management platform that yielded 300% ($20M per month) quarter-over-quarter increase in sales and revenue.
• Did product marketing strategy for MarComms, PR, Lead Generation teams and overall customer product roadmap.

• Won product accolades for the company including Forester’s most promising social listening tool out of the box.


Mashable, Assistant COO

Pre-facebook social graph era, worked on projects including Mashable Publishers Partner API to attract partners like NYTimes and CNN.

Worked on projects like launching new business and small business lines.

Created inbound and outbound content syndication strategies for distribution, reach, revenue.

  • Spearheaded mobile ad strategies for Mashable’s Android, iOS and Chrome apps, job board and newsletters. Interfaced with Business Development, Events and Sales to create media and ad partners.
  • Assisted in creating and managing syndication partners for traffic growth and media partnerships.

Strategized 2X traffic increase from 25MM unique visitors to 50MM unique visitors a month


Reading Reform Foundation of NY

Worked with a top philanthropist in NYC and understand the management and fundraising for a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Grant writing and fundraising yielding $1MM annually

Managed marketing, website, press materials etc.

  • Met fundraising every year at the mark.
  • Redesigned website for cost-efficient marketing.


Managed largest sites in company’s history yielding over $1MM

  • Managed 5 school sites in NY.
  • Managed 50+ teachers and over 400 students.
Led the effort on the PayPal Shopping Getting Started Hub to create end-to-end consumer experience from top to bottom of the sales funnel and increased monthly sign-ups by 15M-30M.

Accolades from school principals; invited back to schools for further programs.


Product Development
Go-To-Market Launch Strategies
Research: Customer Journey Maps, Competitive Analysis, OKRs, KPIs
Hypothesis and Validation Testing
Design Sprints with Wireframing & Prototypes
A/B Testing
Relationship Management
Messaging and Positioning
Customer Feedback Loop
Product Development Lifecycle Assessments

This what I do for a living! Let's talk!

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Why Product Marketing for Your Business

Simply put, great technology deserves to be in the hands of its customers.

For every great product, you need a great Product Marketer to drive successful go-to-market campaigns for short and long-term product adoption.

As the demand for Product Managers go up with the ever-changing technology needs of both businesses and customers, the demand for Product Marketer is on the rise as well.

A Product Marketer knows about how to message and position same product to different users and applications to consumers.

Technology becomes more present in our personal and professional lives. How do we get our technology to serve us vs. us getting lost in this way?

A Product Marketer’s job to connect all the dots for you the customer to create the best customer journey possible for you.

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