Product Management Expert, SaaS

A lover of product processes, people and their success!

My Story!

I’m passionate about Product Management because I love technology and empowering people to get ahead with the latest tech tools for their business goals.
Identifying Business Drivers:
As a millennial in the connected generation, I saw how technology was a huge driver for business and customer goals early on in the decade.
A Connector at Heart:
A connector at heart, I bring professionals, customers and products together with technology to create the best product experiences.

My Product Portfolio Includes:

15+ Years in
Product Management

A veteran in the tech space, I bring my background in product management, technology and software-as-a-service to the business world.

50+ Products to Market

As a Product Manager, I brought over 50 products to market that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

$12+ Billion in Revenue

Thinking beyond features, enhancements and point solutions, I've worked with multi-billion dollar companies to build, market and sell their software platforms with 300% quarter-over-quarter sales cycle increases, totaling over $12 billion/year in revenue.

My Testimonials:

Brands I've Worked With:


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